Yam is an edible tuberous vegetable that is cultivated in Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean. It is also liberally consumed in North America. The plant is extremely durable and survives in several different climatic conditions. Yams are usually very large and each unit can weigh almost as much an average human adult. It has a thick, course skin which needs to be peeled off before it can be used. On the inside, yams are soft and meaty. They can range in colour from light brown to purple.

Yams are usually baked like sweet potatoes. They can be used to make mash and fried, or added to stews, soups and broths. They do not have much flavour but respond well to seasoning.

Health benefits
Yams contain high levels of Vitamin C, potassium, manganese and fibre. They provide complex carbohydrates which break down gradually giving the body energy.

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